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Enter Glazing provide a complete commercial glazing service. This includes all types of window and door repairs to shops, factories and offices.

We are a national company that offers 30–90-minute fast response from strategically placed local glaziers, trained for all commercial glazing works. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can arrange for a local glazier or locksmith to attend your property at a time convenient for you.

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Enter Glazing has over 20 years of industry expertise and will be happy to provide any commercial glazing solutions – simply get in touch with a member of our team today. We know commercial glazing jobs can be quite technical, so expert advice is always available.

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Commercial glass glazing involves the installation or fitting of glass into frames or structures specifically designed for commercial or business properties. It encompasses various types of glass installations, from storefront windows and doors to interior glass partitions or curtain walls. Commercial glazing aims to meet the specific needs of businesses by providing durable, secure, and sometimes specialized glass solutions that cater to larger spaces and often higher traffic volumes compared to residential properties.

Commercial glass is typically designed to withstand higher levels of wear and tear, meet specific safety codes, and provide enhanced security compared to residential glass. It's engineered to accommodate larger spaces, potentially utilizing thicker glass or specialized features like tempered or laminated glass. Residential glass, on the other hand, often focuses more on aesthetics, energy efficiency, and noise reduction while catering to smaller-scale installations found in homes.

Commercial windows often use a variety of glass types depending on the specific requirements of the building. Commonly used glasses for commercial windows include laminated glass for enhanced security and safety, insulated glass units (double or triple glazing) for improved energy efficiency and noise reduction, and sometimes tempered glass for its strength and safety properties.

Commercial windows are typically larger, designed to accommodate larger buildings or storefronts, and prioritize durability and security due to the higher traffic and use they often encounter. They might also feature more specialized glass types and framing materials tailored to the specific needs of commercial properties. In contrast, residential windows are generally smaller, focus on energy efficiency, aesthetics, and noise reduction, and are geared toward enhancing the comfort and visual appeal of homes.

The thickness of commercial glazing can vary based on factors such as the specific requirements of the building, safety codes, and the type of glass used. Typically, commercial glazing can range from single pane glass (around 4mm to 10mm thick) to thicker laminated or tempered glass (upwards of 6mm to 12mm or more), especially in high-traffic or security-sensitive areas.

A commercial glazier specializes in installing, repairing, and replacing glass in commercial properties. They work with various types of glass and are experienced in handling large-scale projects such as storefront windows, curtain walls, glass doors, and interior glass partitions. Their expertise includes understanding building codes, working with specialized glass types, and ensuring installations meet the specific needs of businesses in terms of functionality, safety, and aesthetics.