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Enter Glazing provide uPVC windows installation or repair in London and the surrounding areas. Wherever you are based, we offer quick, reliable, and cost-effective uPVC windows installation or repair. Enter Glazing always offers a comprehensive service. We can attend your property within 30 – 90 minutes for emergency uPVC door repairs where necessary, or at a time that suits you!

At Enter Glazing we understand that in a genuine emergency, you need a company that is not only reliable but will also carry out the work to an impressively high standard. We are a professional and accredited service, able to provide cost effective boarding up or making safe services to all our customers. We always leave your site safe and secure.

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We can carry out expert door repair and replacement services for both commercial and domestic properties in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Whether it’s internal or external uPVC windows installation or repair that need carried out, we can handle all types of jobs.

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Yes, uPVC windows can often be repaired depending on the nature and extent of the issue. Common problems like draughts, condensation, or faulty mechanisms can be addressed through repairs. Fixes might involve adjusting or replacing hinges, handles, or seals, repairing or replacing damaged frames, or addressing issues with locking mechanisms. A professional assessment can determine the feasibility of repairs to restore functionality to uPVC windows.

The best fixing for uPVC windows often involves ensuring proper installation and maintenance. High-quality screws, fixings, and sealants are crucial during installation to secure the window frame firmly in place and prevent draughts or water ingress. Regular maintenance, such as lubricating hinges, cleaning tracks, and replacing damaged seals, can also help maintain the integrity and functionality of uPVC windows.

Fixing a dropped uPVC window involves adjusting the hinges to realign the window sash. Loosening the screws on the hinges slightly allows for gentle adjustments to raise or lower the window to its correct position. Once the window is aligned properly, retightening the screws ensures it stays in place. If the issue persists or if the hinges are damaged, professional assistance might be necessary to diagnose and fix the problem.

The cost to fix a window in the UK can vary widely based on factors such as the type of repair needed, window size, and the extent of damage. On average, basic repairs might start from £50 to £100 for minor issues, while more significant repairs or replacements could cost several hundred pounds per window. It's recommended to get quotes from local glaziers or window repair services to determine the precise cost based on your specific needs.

While it's possible for DIY enthusiasts to install uPVC windows themselves, it's a task that requires specific skills, tools, and expertise. Improper installation can lead to issues such as draughts, leaks, or compromised security. Professional installation ensures proper fitting, weatherproofing, and adherence to building regulations. If considering DIY installation, thorough research, proper preparation, and following manufacturer instructions meticulously are essential.

The approximate cost of uPVC windows varies based on factors like size, style, and additional features. On average, uPVC windows in the UK can range from £250 to £750 per window for standard sizes. Larger or more specialized windows, energy-efficient glass, or complex installations might increase the cost. Obtaining quotes from different providers allows for a more accurate estimate based on specific window requirements.

uPVC windows are held in place primarily by screws and fixings within the window frame. During installation, screws secure the window frame firmly to the surrounding structure, ensuring stability and weatherproofing. Properly fitted and secured screws, along with appropriate sealants, hold uPVC windows in place, providing structural integrity and preventing draughts or water ingress.

The time taken to fit a new uPVC window can vary based on factors such as the window size, complexity of installation, and the proficiency of the installer. On average, a professional installer might take approximately 1 to 2 hours to fit a standard-sized uPVC window. However, larger or more intricate installations might take longer, while straightforward replacements could be completed more quickly.