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When you are concerned about the safety of the people and your premises, you can depend on Enter Glazing for installing toughened glass in your residential and commercial properties.

Toughened – or tempered – glass is much safer than regular/un-toughened glass. In the event of breakage, toughened glass will not shatter into randomly-shaped shards, which are more likely to cause injury. Instead, toughened glass ensures the glass breaks into small, granular pieces.

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We manufacture toughened glass using thermal or chemical processes, making it considerably more durable than traditional glass products. It’s important we cut the glass before toughening since it cannot be processed in any way afterwards.

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A glazier can cut toughened glass, but it's crucial to note that toughened glass cannot be cut once it's been tempered. Therefore, if precise measurements or specific shapes are required, they must be done before the toughening process. Toughened glass is pre-cut to the desired shape or size before undergoing the tempering process, where it's heated and rapidly cooled to increase its strength. Once toughened, any attempt to cut or alter it will cause the glass to shatter into small, safer pieces.

Toughened glass tends to be more expensive than standard glass due to the additional manufacturing process involved. The tempering process that toughened glass undergoes, which enhances its strength and safety properties, contributes to its higher cost compared to regular glass.

The production of toughened glass typically takes around 1 to 2 weeks, but this can vary based on factors such as the glass manufacturer's production schedule, the complexity of the order, and the quantity required. Custom orders or specific sizes might take longer to produce.

In general, toughened glass tends to be more expensive than laminated glass. While both types offer enhanced safety properties compared to standard glass, toughened glass undergoes a specific tempering process that increases its strength, making it slightly more costly than laminated glass.

Attempting to cut toughened glass at home is not recommended due to its inherent nature after the tempering process. Once toughened, the glass is extremely resilient but also prone to shattering into small, safer pieces if an attempt is made to cut or alter it. Any alterations to toughened glass must be done before the tempering process.

Glass shops typically cannot cut tempered glass after it has been toughened. The tempering process significantly increases the strength of the glass but also makes it prone to shattering if any attempts at cutting or altering are made after tempering. It's crucial to have precise measurements and desired shapes determined before the toughening process begins to ensure the glass meets the required specifications.

Tempered glass offers several benefits due to its unique properties. Its primary advantage is its increased strength and safety features compared to regular glass. Tempering involves a rapid heating and cooling process that creates internal stress within the glass, making it up to five times stronger than standard glass of the same thickness. This increased strength makes tempered glass more resistant to impact, making it less likely to break into sharp, hazardous shards. Instead, when tempered glass does break, it shatters into small, safer pebble-like pieces, reducing the risk of injury.

Tempered glass is less prone to scratching compared to regular glass, but it's not entirely scratch-proof. Its increased strength helps it resist scratches from everyday use or minor contact better than standard glass. However, extreme or sharp objects can still cause scratches on tempered glass surfaces. While it offers better scratch resistance than regular glass, it's essential to handle and clean tempered glass carefully to maintain its durability and appearance over time.