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Sash windows are a popular feature of many London properties and are particularly common in period properties. Our skilled team of craftsmen are experts in the replacement, repair, installation and upgrading of sash windows. We can install new sash windows, or repair your existing windows to improve the appearance of your property.

A comprehensive service for sash window repairs in London to install draught proofing & improve security as well as rectify common problems. Repairs typically including fixing imbalanced or poorly fit windows, broken cords and stuck sash windows.

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Comprehensive overhauls of your existing sash windows and includes rectifying common faults and problems such as draughts, rattles, sticking and poor security. We adjust the sashes, re-balance, & install new unbreakable cords, supply new retaining beads with integral draught excluders and fit new window furniture including key operated locks.

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Sash windows can often be repaired depending on the nature of the issue. Common problems like draughts, rattling, or difficulty in opening or closing can be addressed through repairs. Repairs might involve replacing damaged sash cords, repairing or replacing pulleys, addressing rot or decay in the window frame, or re-weighting the sashes. A skilled professional can assess the damage and recommend suitable repair options to restore functionality to sash windows.

The decision to repair or replace sash windows depends on the extent of damage and the overall condition of the windows. In many cases, repairing sash windows can be a more cost-effective solution compared to full replacement, especially for issues like minor rot, draughts, or malfunctioning components. However, severe damage or extensive decay might warrant replacement. Assessing the specific condition of the windows with the help of a professional can guide whether repairs or replacements are more economical.

The cost to replace window sash cords can vary based on factors such as the number of cords needing replacement, the type of sash window, and the service provider. On average, replacing sash cords might range from £50 to £150 per window in the UK. It's recommended to get quotes from local window repair services or glaziers to determine the precise cost for replacing sash cords based on your specific requirements.

To fix a sash window that won't close, start by checking for any obstructions or debris in the window tracks or sash channels. Lubricate the pulleys and tracks with silicone spray to ensure smooth movement. If the window still won't close properly, it might require realignment or adjustment of the sashes, repairing any damaged cords, or addressing issues with the frame. Seeking professional help can ensure a comprehensive and effective solution to the problem.

Repairing a sash window in the UK involves several potential steps depending on the issue. Common repairs might include replacing damaged sash cords, repairing or replacing pulleys and weights, addressing rot or decay in the window frame, re-puttying or resealing glass panes, and realigning or adjusting sashes for proper movement. Professional glaziers or window repair specialists can assess the specific problems and recommend appropriate repair techniques for sash windows.

Various issues can arise with sash windows over time. Common problems include draughts due to gaps or decay in the frame, rattling caused by loose or damaged components, difficulties in opening or closing due to misaligned sashes or damaged cords, and issues with moisture leading to rot or decay. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help mitigate these issues and ensure the longevity and functionality of sash windows.